Rates depend on many aspects, such as the field of translation, the format of the source text, the target group for the translation, number of words (standard pages or characters), date of delivery and the degree of complexity of the source documents. There are different ways to bill for translations, proofreading or localization. For translation I use the per word billing system in the source document, which is currently the most common standard.

By using CAT tools I can easily count the number of words and the concordance percentage of phrases in the document, which ensures considerable savings for the customer. Therefore, I can submit a price quotation within a very short time before starting my own work. For correction and localization of translated texts I use the per source word or per hour of work billing system which depends on the quality of the translation or on the mutual agreement. The price quotation for translation or correction is submitted for free.

Additional information
  • I confirm the order by e-mail after agreeing to my quotation and delivery date. I will then ask for billing information.
  • The quotation that is known before the start of work is accurate and will not change.
  • I primarily accept payments by bank transfer (SHA) on the basis of an issued invoice with a typical maturity of 30 days. Payment portals such as Skrill and PayPal can also be used.
  • Due to the preparation and administrative tasks, the minimum order price is EUR 15.
  • I'm registered for VAT in the Czech Republic.
  • Express translations may incur additional charges, depending on terms and conditions.
  • Every text is thoroughly analysed, which means I'll be able to offer discounts for repetitions.
  • In case of interruption of the order by the customer, I only charge part of the work done so far.
I’d be happy to provide a preliminary quotation for your project in a second!
Feel free to email me

Do you require a quote or are you just looking for some information? Don't hesitate to contact me via the form.

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